B4B 2016 Grant Recipient: Writing to Heal

Writing to Heal (Writing Wrongs) is a workshop that is designed to help its participants learn how to unpack mental distress through the tool of writing. This course is put together so that all participants will walk away equipped with skills to systematically approach the healing process. Even if participants do not choose to write another day in their lives, they will be able to think, meditate, and pray, their way through the process.

In life all suffered some sort of loss, regret, grief, or abuse. Many have made bad decisions that led to other bad circumstances. Some that have been the innocent that was taken advantage of, have also been the perpetrator of harm. This makes the vast majority people survivors. However, that survival does not come without a packed bag of resentment, unforgiveness, anger, guilt, and psychological trauma. Leaving a bad situation does not mean that the effects of the situation is done.

This is not a class that will provide complete revelation within one session, rather it will provide a method for the learner to continuously and actively pursue mental wellness through the writing process. Through this process learners will become aware of the work and the road ahead towards mental and spiritual health.

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