B4B 2017 Grant Recipient: reStart Inc.


reStart’s mission is to provide shelter and supportive services to move homeless men, women, youth, and families toward self-sufficiency with the goal of ending homelessness in the Kansas City community.

Brief History of reStart

reStart, Inc. grew out of an overnight emergency shelter established in 1981 at Grand Avenue Temple Methodist Church in downtown Kansas City. Over 35 years of service in the Kansas City area, reStart has evolved from an emergency shelter for adult men and women into a community leader advocating for, and modeling, best-practices for permanently ending homelessness. reStart is the first homeless shelter in Kansas City’s urban core to admit and house women, and the first to house HIV positive individuals. Today, reStart stands apart from other agencies by providing services for all homeless populations—single adults, families and non-traditional families, unaccompanied youth and youth who have aged out of foster care, veterans, individuals identifying as LGBTQ, former offenders and individuals recently released from psychiatric hospitalization, and persons living with HIV/AIDS.

How reStart will use the B4B 2017 Grant

reStart will use the grant funding to help support the full-time Youth Therapist. The Youth Therapist is a critical member of reStart’s Youth Network, which includes street outreach services, a youth drop-in program, the only emergency shelter for unaccompanied youth in the urban core, a transitional living program for youth, a rapid rehousing program, and a maternity group home for pregnant or parenting youth. reStart’s Youth Therapist provides trauma-informed care and crisis intervention to homeless youth, and helps youth understand the events that brought them to the shelter. She helps them work through traumatic experiences so that they can envision a long and healthy future.

Last year, thanks to the services of the youth therapist, 75% of youth served in reStart’s Youth Emergency Shelter were successfully reunited with their families or moved into their own secure, permanent housing.

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