Bike for the Brain 2014 is ON!


Perfect riding weather

Looks like the clouds will be opening up just for us today! The rain should be, for the most part, over, but it did leave us with cooler temperatures – it will hardly even reach the 80’s, perfect weather for Bike for the Brain! There is still a small chance that it might rain in Kansas City so be prepared as you ride for anything to happen, but it will nonetheless be a great day for riding!

You can still register online before the event and save $30!

Registration is still open online up until the event starts, and you can still save $10 by registering before you come. This will also allow for easy check-in when you get to the event, as you will only need to show your ticket or give your name to one of our registration volunteers, which will save you time beforehand. Have you registered already? Be prepared when you get there – have your ticket with the QR code (2-D barcode) out either on your smartphone or on paper and check in will be easy!

Click here to register now!

Remember to download Ride with GPS, which has free turn-by-turn navigation for all B4B riders!

Thanks to our friends at Ride with GPS, all riders that are participating in Bike for the Brain will be able to have access to turn-by-turn navigation with voice prompts and cue sheets within the Ride With GPS app (iPhone/Android). This is usually a paid-account-only feature, but you can use it for free at Bike for the Brain by participating in any of the three of our routes!  Instructions are below (and on Ride with GPS’s site here), but we will also have them available on Labor Day at the event. Thanks to Ride with GPS for supporting Bike for the Brain!


Please see this previous blog post for more information and instructions on how to find the route to get free navigation.

Keep a close eye on your maps, cue sheets, and Ride with GPS for instructions on navigating the route this year

Our volunteers spent hours on Sunday making sure to masterfully mark the route, but the rain last night means that some of the markings may have faded already. Be sure to keep a close look at the map and cue sheets! Maps of all three routes are available on Ride with GPS (links here), and you can also see the official, custom-made maps below. These will also be provided on paper to anyone who needs them at the event, but you can feel free to print them out yourself as well.

B4B 2014 Combined Full Route Map and Cue Sheet

B4B 2014 Short Route and Cue Sheet

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