Official Route Maps for Bike for the Brain 2015 Posted

Bike for the Brain


OFFICIAL B4B Route maps are posted!

Take a look and see which route you’ll be taking this year! Remember, you don’t need to choose until you take off to ride. All rides launch at 8:00 AM on Labor Day. Event festivities, check-in, and on-site registration open up at 7:00 AM.

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Short Route

(10.5 miles)

This is the most popular route for novice cyclists and families with young riders. It is a mellow suburban route that will take riders through beautiful Mission Hills and into Brookside.

B4B2015 Short Route


Partial Route

(31.8 miles)

We heard your feedback, and are using it to improve on last year’s ride! From Brookside the route will head north through downtown and ultimately through the northeast neighborhood of KC to Cliff Drive. From there we will go through the river bottoms and into the River Market, ultimately running through midtown before getting back to Roeland Park. Compared to 2014, the route has moved farther from the river and into the East Bottoms to facilitate a safer ride.

B4B2015 Partial Route


Full Route

(56.3 miles)

This route will head from the River Market into KCK and out west past Lake Quivira into Shawnee, ultimately returning through Shawnee Mission Park. Note that this route will utilize shared-use trails. If you’d prefer to avoid shared-use trails, please consider the Long Route below.

B4B2015 Full Route


Long Route

(66.9 miles)

This route has been added based on feedback that riders want a longer ride, and want to avoid shared-use trails. Instead of heading into Shawnee Mission Park, this long route will dip into Olathe via Woodland Ave before returning to the finish via Kansas City Ave.

B4B2015 Long Route



Which route do you plan on taking this year?

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