Self-Propelled Smoothies come to B4B 2014!

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This year, we will be serving Self-Propelled Smoothies at Bike for the Brain 2014. We had a chance to try out the system at KC Metro Bike Club’s Summer Breeze on Sunday. It was a hit! The favorite flavor is orange-banana. A friend recently noted, “It sounds like the beginning of a perpetual motion machine,” since the rider is producing their own fuel to ride. To make it even more fun, we’ll have a tandem bike so people can team up to power the “Rock the Bike Blender”. (This was featured on a recent episode of “Shark Tank.”)

Participants will have a chance to make their smoothie before and after they ride or walk in B4B 2014. Come join the fun!

Remember to sign up!

Have you signed up for Bike for the Brain yet this year? If not, be sure to go to to sign up now!

Don’t ride? You can still help by volunteering (sign up at, participating in Walk for Recovery, or donating to the cause. You can sign up to for Walk for Recovery and donate at

See you on September 1st!

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