This is AWESOME – Free Navigation from Ride With GPS for Bike for the Brain!


Thanks to our friends at Ride with GPS, all riders that are participating in Bike for the Brain will be able to have access to turn-by-turn navigation with voice prompts and cue sheets within the Ride With GPS app (iPhone/Android). This is usually a paid-account-only feature, but you can use it for free at Bike for the Brain by participating in any of the three of our routes!  Instructions are below (and on Ride with GPS’s site here), but we will also have them available on Labor Day at the event. Thanks to Ride with GPS for supporting Bike for the Brain!


How to use turn by turn navigation (for free!) using Ride with GPS

  1.  If you haven’t yet, download the app for your Android or iPhone
  2. Log in or create a new account in the Ride with GPS app
  3. Tap the menu button, then tap “Search Routes” toward the bottom of the menu.
  4. Find event routes by searching specifically for them at the bottom of the page: On Android, tap “Show event routes.” On iPhone, click on the second “Search” button.
    show event routes
  5. Choose the B4B 2014 route (10, 33, or 57) that you plan on going on.
  6. Activate the turn-by-turn navigation by going the “Go Ride” page.  On android, you will see a small road sign in the upper right, on iPhone you will see a gear in the upper right – click “Ride This.”
    turn-by-turn ios-ride-this
  7. Press the red “Record” button when you are ready to start your ride, and you’ll be able to take advantage of turn-by-turn navigation as well as tracking your ride stats!
    start-recording-android ios-start-recording
  8. Don’t forget to always keep your eye on the road and ride carefully

Android Users: check out “Handlebar mode.”

Handlebar mode, available on the android app, will help save a lot of battery life but being smart about only having the screen on when you need it. When turned on, your phone’s screen will only turn on when you are about to be alerted to a turn, and will turn the screen back off after making the turn, allowing the screen to turn off during long stretches of ride.

To turn on Handlebar mode,

  1. This can be toggled when in the “Go Ride” View.
  2. Open up the menu (either on the top of your screen or with the menu button on your phone)
  3. Check the box for “Handlebar Mode”

Remember to sign up!

Have you signed up for Bike for the Brain yet this year? If not, be sure to go to sign up now!

Don’t ride? You can still help by volunteering (sign up at, participating in Walk for Recovery, or donating to the cause. You can sign up to for Walk for Recovery and donate at

See you on September 1st!

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